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    CPD event Staying relevant in the face of FinTech Disruption

    The Pakistan Accountants Forum (PAF), Jeddah and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan – Saudi Arabia Chapter (ICAP – KSA Chapter) had jointly organized a CPD session on Monday 20th February 2017 at Al-Bilad Hotel, Jeddah.

    Mr. Asher Noor (Chief Investment Officer and Group Chief Financial Officer for a leading Saudi Family Group) presented the CPD session on the topic of:

    “Staying relevant (as Finance Professionals) in the face of FinTech Disruption”

    The speaker discussed the impact of technology in our office private lives; how technology has changed the way the things used to be done a few decades ago and how the technology will affect many aspects of our lives in the coming years whether it is related to travel, food, health, education or working ways. The speaker alerted that the technology would immensely impact the finance and accounting profession and in some years the automation may remove many existing jobs in accounting and finance. The speaker emphasized that it is very important for the finance professionals to keep pace with the fast changing technology and emerging trends keep us relevant for the organization and the stakeholders.

    The speaker touched-base on some emerging trends relevant to the finance profession e.g. Bloackchain, Crowdfunding, P2P lending, changing capital structures, Digital assets, Crypto-currency, Cloud computing, Cashless world etc.

    The speaker ended the presentation with a key note that in order to survive in this world of FinTech disruption it should be a goal of every finance professional to upgrade his skillset. Keep an eye on regulation and disruption, understand the future strategy and embrace technology to the fullest.

    80 members and guests attended the CPD event and enjoyed rich presentation on the topic. The seminar concluded with key note and questions & answers session followed by the dinner organized by the Joint CPD committee of PAF and ICAP – KSA chapter.

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